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air conditioning repair

Is your AC having trouble keeping you cool? If so, it’s time to call El Paso Air Conditioning repair. SoBellas can help with all of your air conditioning repair needs from service, routine maintenance to complete AC replacement and conversions. We are always committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to our customers. It’s important to us that we honor the trust that home owners put in us by providing friendly, consistent and professional service every time. Your family’s comfort is important to us and we’ll help make sure you stay cool throughout the season. Call SoBellas for fast, affordable air conditioning repair. SoBellas is a full service Air Conditioning Repair and Heating, installation and Maintenance Company in El Paso, Texas. Whether you are looking for a quick air conditioner repair, a complete AC replacement or looking to convert to refrigerated air, you have come to the right place. We know there are many repair companies to choose from when your AC system breaks down. Our advanced air conditioning technician experts can provide you with a faster, more accurate diagnosis of in home AC repairs. Call the Air Conditioning Repair specialist with the yellow booties.



appliance repair

Your appliances giving your fits? Having trouble keeping up with the laundry? If so, it’s time to call El Paso appliance repair. SoBellas can help with all of your Appliance needs from routine maintenance to service and repair in El Paso Texas. We are always committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to our customers. Your family’s time and safety is important to us and we’ll make you our top priority. Take back your precious free time with professional advanced technician services from SoBellas Appliance Repair. Providing professional customer service for more than 30 years has given SoBellas a reputation for quality and reliability. We care about providing a consistent, thorough repairing of your appliances. At our company we respect our customers, their homes and their time because what use is free time if you spend it worrying about your appliance repair service? SoBellas Appliance Repair El Paso Texas. Specialist with the yellow booties. Call us for all your service needs, washer, dryer, refrigerator, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. Factory trained on all major brands.


heater repair

Is your furnace having trouble keeping your house warm? If so, it’s time to call El Paso furnace repair. SoBellas can help with all of your heating needs from routine maintenance to heater replacement in El Paso Texas. We are always committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to our customers. If its cold outside and your heater is sick, call SoBellas. Our factory trained highly skilled technicians are one call away. Your time and comfort is of our utmost concern. Our knowledge of Heating Repair systems and equipment is unmatched. We service both contemporary and traditional styled homes. Whatever your heater needs, we are confident that our gas furnace technicians will be able to get your Heater functioning properly again. Why Call SoBellas Home Services for Heating Repair? We have earned our reputation as El Paso's best residential Heating repair and replacement company by providing fast, dependable service to our customers. We are committed to fixing your system right the first time and on time. We focus on keeping our technicians highly trained and making sure we exceed our customers' expectations on every job that we perform. Call the experts with the yellow booties.

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Because for over forty years, we have remained committed to customer satisfaction and superior quality as evidenced by our A rating with the BBB and repeat winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award.

Our Customer Care Center is ready to dispatch the right service professional to perform your required appliance repair services, air conditioning repair, heating repair and installs of furnaces, air conditioners and swamp coolers.

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Air Conditioners


Repair, replace, or maintain your cooling system with the industry standard of excellence. Featuring SEER ratings ranging from 14-20+, the perfect air conditioner for your needs is available from SoBellas Air Conditioning Repair.

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Contact our certified appliance repair specialist for residential solutions all throughout El Paso! Timely repairs large and small, from little leaks to major repair jobs, are available from your one-stop appliance service resource.

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Embrace the winter season with the installation of a new gas furnace from SoBellas. Schedule your annual maintenance or repair your existing heating system and ensure home comfort all year round.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning


If it's in your vents, it wont dry! Clean out all of the dust, dirt, and debris from your dryer vents with our NADCA-certified dryer vent cleaners. Experience the SoBellas difference, a breath of fresh air in the industry!

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Convert To Refrigerated Air Conditioning

As El Paso summers get hotter, homeowners look for better options for indoor climate control and comfort. They may also look toward the roof only to see an aging swamp cooler leaking white streaks down the roof.  Is it time to convert to refrigerated air?

Swamp coolers are common enough in El Paso, as they work best in dry climates. However, they function less effectively during our hot monsoon weather that brings humidity up from the south. These coolers also require extra maintenance work each spring and fall.

Refrigerated Air conditioners, on the other hand, work at the touch of a button. They cost more up front, but they come with a host of benefits. If you want to replace an old swamp cooler, and convert to refrigerated air, now is a great time.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties to cool of those hot Texas summers.

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