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5 Reasons Fall Is Prime Time For Air Conditioning Repair

5 Reasons Fall Is Prime Time For Air Conditioning Repair in El Paso, Texas

5 Reasons Fall Is Prime Time For Air Conditioning Repair

5 Reasons Fall Is Prime Time For Air Conditioning Repair

We are all saying good-bye to the long, hot months of Summer. If your air conditioner has been limping along near the end, you may be considering putting off air conditioning repair. You might be telling yourself that, since you won’t be using the AC for several months, why spend the money on repairs now? Why not wait? You’ll get it fixed when you need it, right? Here are 5 reasons why NOW is the best time for air conditioning repair, even if we are on the eve of sweater weather.

1. Paying For Procrastination: Letting the problem simmer for a few months can end up being a costly decision. All sorts of minor problems can grow bigger over time. A drop in an HVAC system’s cooling efficiency is often a progressive problem. As it struggles to operate, remember that multiple technologies and mechanical parts rely on one another to perform their job. If one fails, it can cause a strain on other parts. This can lead to a cascade effect of other parts failing. By delaying A/C repair, a system that simply needed its coils cleaned or replaced might experience complete failure.

2. Seasonal Specials: Hotels and amusement parks have slow seasons. That’s the perfect time to enjoy a discount at the ticket booth or a lower rate on a premium suite. The same can be said for professional HVAC companies. Fall and winter is typically an off-season. This means a homeowner may find service specials that offer the opportunity for savings.

3. Responsiveness: There is nothing worse than waiting around for a repairman who is hours late or, perhaps, doesn’t show at all. This can happen during a company’s busiest time of year. A service call that doesn’t go as planned causes a delay that affects every other appointment down the list. A rash of emergencies, like complete A/C failure at a hospital, have to be attended to immediately during the hottest months of Summer. This could mean a re-schedule for customers who have non-emergency A/C problems. Schedule routine maintenance or repairs when technicians are not working their busiest schedule. Enjoy prompt responsiveness and get on with your life!

4. Save Money: Who doesn’t like to save money, right? An A/C that has an operating problem is a system that is costing you more money to run that it should. Texas weather is fickle. Right now, nights are cool but, by lunch-time, you may be turning on the A/C. It’s even possible that you could be wearing flip-flops and tank-tops at a Texas Thanksgiving dinner. Delaying A/C repairs is costing you every month on your utility bills. Schedule a service call now to get your HVAC system running at optimum efficiency. Maintaining operating efficiency will also help preserve the intended life-span of a system. Save money by getting the most out of your investment.

5. Fall’s Sweet Spot: Why Fall? What’s so special about this time window? The few months of Fall weather are a break between the high A/C service demands of hot Summer months and the busy Winter season when technicians maintain and repair furnaces. That makes Fall the best time to repair the AC and get a pre-season service on your heating system. Save time and money with a single service call that addresses the A/C problem of the past season and prepares your home’s HVAC system to perform optimally when harsh Winter weather arrives.

HVAC professionals recommend bi-annual maintenance. In Texas, an HVAC system is expected to operate in two different climate extremes: extreme heat and extreme cold. It is important to prepare an HVAC system prior to the arrival of either extreme. After the most intense seasonal months have passed, any issues that may have arisen during high-demand operation need to be addressed. Contact the comfort experts at SoBellas and schedule your air conditioner repair today.

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