You Can Beat High Prices Plus Get up to a $2000 Trade-In for Your Old Energy Wasting Air Conditioning System

Read on to hear more on how you can save up to $2000 or get 60 months zero interest or low 6.99% financing…

The weather is coming, so increases appear unavoidable. And once they hit, there won’t be any “bargains” on efficient heating and cooling equipment. (Believe me, I’ve been in this business long enough to know that.) It’s supply and demand like always. Except for one thing… Continue reading

Central AC Repair

5 Reasons Fall Is Prime Time For Air Conditioning Repair

We are all saying good-bye to the long, hot months of Summer. If your air conditioner has been limping along near the end, you may be considering putting off air conditioning repair. You might be telling yourself that, since you won’t be using the AC for several months, why spend the money on repairs now? Why not wait? You’ll get it fixed when you need it, right? Here are 5 reasons why NOW is the best time for air conditioning repair, even if we are on the eve of sweater weather. Continue reading

air conditioning repair

Telltale Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Do you really want to wait until your air conditioning unit completely stops working before you make the call to get it repaired? Besides if you can catch a minor problem early, you can fix your air conditioner quickly and a lot more inexpensively than if you wait for a total system failure. Your AC is vital in this hot and humid weather. Do not wait until the last-minute to make sure that your AC is working. Here are some telltale signs that you need AC repair or will need to get your AC repaired soon. Be proactive and take care of your AC before it goes out on you.  Continue reading

heater repair

What Makes a Good Home AC Repair Service?

The last thing you need is for your AC to go out during the hottest month of the year. That’s why you need to make sure your system is inspected and serviced adequately. And that’s why it is important to select the right service providers. There is a difference between quality and ordinary service, and that difference comes with three characteristics. Continue reading

refrigerator repair

Enjoy Stress-free Refrigerator Installation from a Refrigerator Repair Professional

Whether you are moving into a new home and getting a refrigerator for the first time or replacing the one that is currently in your kitchen, the refrigerator installation process is not as simple as it may seem.

In order to have a fast and smooth installation, which prevents your refrigerated food from going bad as it does not have to stay out of the cold for more than a couple of hours, you need a professional. The professional can also help you avoid future refrigerator repair in El Paso.
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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Techs Talk About the Importance of Tape and Mastic

Many property owners in El Paso realize that their homes’ refrigerated cooling systems rely on duct work to ensure proper air flow. Because of that reliance, it is important that homeowners ensure the duct work is maintained year round. Maintaining a cooling system’s duct work requires homeowners to do at least two things, keep it clean and air tight. Continue reading

samsung appliance repair

Samsung Appliance Repair Pro’s Tips for Making Candy in the Microwave

Sometimes the Easter Bunny arrives when things are really heating up in the Southwest. And we all know that turning on the range to make those Easter goodies can raise indoor temperatures even more. So, why not count on our appliance repair pros El Paso to get your family’s microwave in working order? After all, it’s easy to make chocolate treats in the microwave, not to mention a whole lot cooler. Here are a sticky handful of tips so you can hop to it: Continue reading

central ac repair technician

A Central AC Repair Technician Says Don’t Waste Money on an Inefficient Air Conditioner

While everybody loves a cool house on a hot summer day, the high energy bills which often accompany the use of an AC unit can put a huge dent in a homeowner’s monthly budget. Luckily, the more efficient your air conditioner is, the less money you’ll spend each month. However, if you don’t keep track of your unit’s efficiency level you’re not only throwing away money, but you’re also risking a serious malfunction that requires a visit from an El Paso central AC repair technician. Below, we’ve listed 3 tips that can help ensure your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible. Continue reading

washer repair el paso

Washer Repair Pros Warn Families about Harmful Hydrogen Buildup

Did you know that harmful gases can buildup inside of modern-day washing machines and cause everything from funky odors to major explosions? It’s true, especially when we’re talking about hydrogen gas and washing machines that run on steam or hot water. Our washer repair pros have known about this for some time but others are just now noticing it. So this week, we wanted to explain how the gas gets in there and what to do about it: Continue reading