Convert To Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Call to switch your old, leaking swap cooler over to cool, fresh refrigerated air conditioning, Convert to refrigerated air today!

Its time to convert your old swamp cooler to refrigerated air? Give us a call for a no obligation estimate. We offer 100% financing options and 0% interest OAC in El Paso and payments as low as $80.00 for a complete new ac system installed. Call the guys in the yellow booties to help you convert to refrigerated air today.

Now that you want to convert to refrigerated air and allow you to enjoy the comfort of cool air, you have come to the right place! SoBellas specializes in refrigerated air conversions from your old evaporative cooling systems with state of the art SoBellas Signature Series equipment. We can design a new system to fit your home and budget.

convert to refrigerated air

Convert To Refrigerated Air

No more fixing that old swamp cooler when its leaking off your roof, or just isn’t working quite right.  Now you can enjoy the comfort of cold air conditioning in El Paso.

With refrigerated air, you can set your temperature at your comfort temperature, and forget about it! You can switch from heating to cooling automatically without switching dampers.

You might wonder about operating cost. The new refrigerated air systems that we install in El Paso offer efficiencies that compare very closely to your current evaporative cooling system, and without the water usage!

Air conditioners do not require windows or doors to be open in order to operate, which means a safer and more controlled indoor environment. Lastly, for the seasons when heat is needed in the morning, but cooling is needed in the afternoon, switching from heating to cooling is automatic with air conditioning. No more dampers to contend with or freezing and leaking water lines.  Give the guys in the yellow booties a call today to convert to refrigerated air.