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Samsung Appliance Repair Pro’s Tips for Making Candy in the Microwave

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Sometimes the Easter Bunny arrives when things are really heating up in the Southwest. It might not be Easter, but who doesn’t like goodies. And we all know that turning on the range to make those Easter goodies can raise indoor temperatures even more. So, why not count on our local Samsung appliance repair pros in El Paso to get your family’s microwave in working order? After all, it’s easy to make chocolate treats in the microwave, not to mention a whole lot cooler. Here are a sticky handful of tips so you can hop to it:

Check the temperature setting on your microwave. If possible, set it somewhere between 86 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the perfect temperature range for melting most chocolates. If you let it reach temperatures above that, the chocolate is likely to seize or scorch, thereby becoming unworkable. If the microwave’s temperature settings aren’t that precise, use the lowest setting possible as well as stir and check the chocolate’s process frequently.

The same may be said for the time involved. It generally takes less than 10 seconds for the chocolate to start to melt. As for the tempering, skip tabling and go with the seeding method when possible. It will help stabilize the nuked chocolate and save time. Just make sure that you stir the melted chocolate constantly during the melting process to avoid unnecessary suspension and crystallization problems to occur.

Remember, chocolate melted in microwaves tends to cool down fast. Consequently, work quickly so as to avoid having to reheat the chocolate more than once. Otherwise, continual temperature changes may alter the chocolate’s appearance, texture and flavor. If you are worried about your speed, simply melt the chocolate in very small batches.

Finally, you might want to try King Arthur Flour’s chocolate-dipped peanut brittle recipe. Just replace the salted peanuts with your leftover jelly beans. It’s super easy to do and will undoubtedly please the kids. You might also want to check out Land O’ Lakes’ microwave fudge recipes and add jelly beans as a garnish. Their microwave recipes include popular flavors like peanut butter, chocolate, pink peppermint, espresso, toffee chip and chocolate walnut.

There you have it; those are our tips for the day. To schedule that El Paso microwave service call that we mentioned earlier and get busy making treats, please contact SoBellas Samsung appliance repair team in El Paso today.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties now.

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