viking oven repair

Viking Oven Repair: Are Your Duel Fuel Range Burner’s Flames Not Up to Snuff?

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viking oven repair

Viking Oven Repair: Are Your Duel Fuel Range Burner’s Flames Not Up to Snuff?

You painstakingly went through all of the available Viking 7 Series information and finally settled on a duel fuel range. It worked well at first, but now you’re noticing a few hiccups in its performance. For instance, the flames coming out of the burner have seemingly changed size and color since the first day you turned the kitchen appliance on. So now, you’re contemplating calling for top rated local Viking oven repair services in El Paso, Texas.

Quick Viking Oven Repair Solutions

At SoBellas Appliance Repair of El Paso, we know how to perform quick, reliable, Viking oven repair services. As such, we have a sneaking suspicion that the problem may rest with the kitchen appliance’s burner ports. Sometimes they get clogged with dust, cleaning product, food and beverage residue. When that happens, it can cause the appearance of the flame to change over time.

With that said, try cleaning the burner first before calling for Viking oven repair.  But whatever you do, avoid using the wrong cleaning products. Remember, Viking ovens are built to be tough but they generally feature finishing materials that have a tendency to scratch or discolor when exposed to the wrong products. So, we’d recommend using warm water and a gentle dish detergent to start.

Rinse and Dry the Dirty Burners

After soaping up and wiping down the suspected dirty areas with a soft chamois, be sure to rinse everything thoroughly. Otherwise, the soap residue could further compound the burner problems that sparked you to start cleaning in the first place. Finally, dry all parts completely too before trying to turn the burners back on. After all, a wet burner isn’t going to generate a great flame.

If it Fails, Call for Additional Help

If upon cleaning the stove’s burners the flame still looks odd, the problem could rest with the unit’s air shutters or gas intake. In that case, it is definitely time to call us for local kitchen appliance repair repair near you. We can check the gas connections as well as adjust the air shutters, if needed, until the burner problem is corrected. To learn more about our local Viking Oven repair, please contact SoBellas Appliance Repair in El Paso today.  Call on the best rated appliance repair technicians in El Paso today, ask for the guys in the yellow booties.

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