El Paso Certified Air Conditioning Repair and Installation services.

Is your AC blowing hot air, or sounds like a lawn mover on your roof?  Do you struggle to sleep at night because its so HOT?

air conditioning repair

If your Air Conditioner is working well, the heat of the summer won't seem so bad

Is your system leaking water through your ceiling?  Do you need some professional help?

SoBellas Air Conditioning Repair is a full service Air Conditioning and Heating Repair, installation and Maintenance Company in El Paso Texas. We are an all-in-one repair and maintenance company. We specialize in lowering air conditioning and heating costs by providing energy-efficient solutions. Whether you are looking for quick air condition repair, a complete AC installation, a new furnace heat pump maintenance or just an annual tune up, you have come to the right place. SoBellas is a locally owned and operated residential home air conditioning Company. Our service expertise allows our clients to keep cool and comfortable all year long.  When it comes to air repair look to the AC doctors of El Paso.

We Service Your Neighborhood: From the East side, west side, upper valley and the lower valley, SoBellas dispatches from a location near you, and we respond to your call within  hours—guaranteed!

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The SoBellas Difference:

Our Reputation: From our A rating with the Better Business Bureau to the many other customer service awards we have received over the years, you can trust that your air conditioner repair is in good hands with SoBellass.

Affordable Pricing: Repair your air conditioner without breaking the bank! SoBellas offers fair, honest, and upfront pricing, and we never charge extra for nights, weekends, or holiday service!

All Makes and Models: SoBellas has the expert you need to repair your air conditioner regardless of its make and model.
24 Hour Live Customer chat: Our friendly customer service representatives are available to answer the phone or online chat night and day to assist in your air conditioning repair needs.

Emergency Cooling Repairs: Through the use of the most up to date technology and advanced equipment, SoBellas has streamlined the process of air conditioner repair, so you do not have to jump through hoops or read fine print to find honest HVAC services in El Paso. We are constantly evolving and improving the way we do business, and these are just a few of the reasons why SoBellas is a cut above the rest.

Dont get stuck with no air this summer, call our top rated techs today.

A broken AC unit means more than a phone call to your air conditioning repair company - it means time stuck melting in the walls of your home as you wait for someone to come to your aid. With SoBellas Air Conditioning, you won’t have to do any waiting at all. We offer weekend and evening hours for ac repair in El Paso, so you don’t have to worry when your air conditioning system goes out. Our air conditioning company is top notch, just read our reviews around the web to see what our customers are saying.

We know life without a working AC unit is almost impossible and can actually be detrimental to your health and safety. Long exposures to high temperatures can be taxing on the human body and incredibly uncomfortable to deal with. Our ac company is right here ready to fix your HVAC system. We’ll get one of our skilled repairmen straight to your door before you can sweat it.

SoBellas employs only certified AC repair technicians in El Paso. Our air conditioning repair experts can provide you with a faster, more accurate diagnosis of in home repairs. We focus on training for our technicians to stay up on new technology and procedures in HVAC services.

Our services also include Evaporative coolers or Swamp Cooler Repairs and season maintenance in El Paso.  If its time for a new swamp cooler or your ready to convert to refrigerated air give us a call today.  915-585-2811

Converting Evaporative Cooling to Refrigerated Air Conditioning

The popularity of air conditioning has bypassed swamp coolers in El Paso due to its ability to control indoor comfort regardless of the weather outside. Efficiency have increased dramatically, making air conditioning more affordable to operate, and air conditioners are more reliable and require less repairs.

Central Air conditioners do not require windows or doors to be open in order to operate, unlike the swamp cooler, which means a safer and more controlled indoor environment. Spring and fall,  for the in-between seasons when heat is needed in the morning, but cooling is needed in the afternoon, switching from heating to cooling is automatic with air conditioning. No more dampers to contend with, stained roofs or freezing water lines.

For these reasons, many customers are converting from evaporative cooling to refrigerated air. If you are considering converting your El Paso home, it’s important to hire an expert who specializes in this type of work. 

Things to consider...

Is your existing duct system adequate and will it provide the proper airflow essential for correct operation of air conditioning? Is the return duct adequate and sized properly?
Is your system sized correctly for your home?  An air conditioner sized to small or too large will operate inefficiently and won’t provide optimum comfort.
If your home requires a new duct system, will it be properly designed, fabricated and installed? 
If using your existing furnace or a new one, is it sized properly not only for heating but cooling?
Is your existing electrical panel equipped to accept the new air conditioning circuit and power requirements?
This may seem like a lot of work, but not for us. We have performed thousands of conversions over the years, and consider this our specialty. We know what to look for and have perfected our installations to be cost effective and achieve desired results.

If you are considering converting to refrigerated air in El Paso, please contact us for a complimentary consultation and evaluation.