What’s your hourly rate?

We stopped charging by the hour because our customers wanted to know the price up front.  They didn’t like open ended pricing. We don’t charge by the hour anymore.  We give you a firm quote up front, before any work begins.  These quotes are based on national standard repair data.  If the repair takes longer … Continue reading

Why cant I get a ballpark price?

We used to offer ballpark price estimates.  The problem was the estimates were usually wrong.  Unfortunately in home air conditioning repair and appliance issues can run from as low as $150 all the way to several thousand dollars.  There is just know way to know what the cost will be until we not only see … Continue reading

Why cant I get a free estimate?

We do give free estimates.  Bring your broken appliance to us and we do not charge for an estimate.  We also provide free estimates for new AC equipment.

How much is a service call?

Our trip charge and diagnostic fee is $95.00 for all residential home services.  This fee is applied towards the repair cost if you choose to fix the problem.  We will send one of our professional technicians who is certified and background screened to your door step. You are responsible for the trip charge or your technician’s … Continue reading

Will you install a part that I bought myself?

We try to stay away from this due to not knowing the origin of the part or the real issue with the appliance.  We will on a case by case basis, but there is no warranty.  If the part we install does not work you will still owe us all repair fees.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our labor on any repair is good for one year.  The warranty on any part we replace is 5 years.  There are some exclusions, see our warranty page for more details.

How much do you charge to come out to my house?

Our fee includes sending a licensed, screened and trained technician to your house in a fully stocked truck.  The charges also cover the technicians time diagnosing the issue with your faulty equipment.  The fee to do all this is $95.00 plus tax.