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3 Great Reasons to Get Heater Maintenance This Winter

Heater maintenance will help avoid furnace repair in El Paso.

heater maintenance

3 Great Reasons to Get Heater Maintenance This Winter
heater repair

The winter winds are beginning to blow, and that means it’s time to start cranking up the thermostat. Nothing feels better when it gets chilly than warm air blowing from your vents. However, what happens if your furnace isn’t kicking out the heat like it should? Or what if your heat is running a lot more than normal sending your bill skyrocketing? It may be time to consider heater maintenance to keep your furnace in line. Let SoBellas help with all your home heating repair needs including refrigerated air conversions in El Paso.

Maintaining your home takes forethought and planning. Chances are you may forget to keep up with regular maintenance of some large appliances if you don’t make it a regular routine. However, those large appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, washers, and dryers cost so much to replace if they do break down. Now that winter is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to have your heater checked out. One way to keep your furnace in good working order is to set up a plan for heater maintenance with an experienced technician. Some people may wonder what the purpose of heater maintenance is or if it’s necessary for their unit. Here are three ways you benefit from a heater maintenance plan.


When your furnace is operating efficiently, that means it won’t run more than necessary. It will warm up your rooms properly with an even distribution of heat. If you have some rooms that are cool while other rooms are warm, then your furnace may not be running efficiently. Furthermore, when your furnace isn’t making the most efficient use of energy, it will keep kicking on and off more than necessary. This is referred to as short-cycling. Not only does this hamper efficiency but it’s hard on the furnace, as well.

What does a heating maintenance technician do to make sure your furnace is running efficiently? First, the technician will check your vents and ducts to make sure the airflow is good. If something is hindering the flow of air, then your furnace has to work harder than necessary. Then your technician also ensures you have a clean filter, blower, blower motor, and vents. The amount of dirt that accumulates in even the cleanest of homes is surprising to many people. As dirt collects on the blower motor and in the vents, it affects the efficient operation of the furnace.


Most people don’t think about their furnace being a danger but there are a few dangers associated with furnaces. One cause of carbon monoxide poisoning is a poorly maintained or ventilated furnace. Carbon monoxide is clear and odorless so you wouldn’t know if your furnace was emitting the poison until you had symptoms. When you get an annual check-up, an experienced technician will look for cracks and leaks in your system. This keeps you and your family safe all year around.


When you take care of your major appliances, they will last longer. This makes common sense. Most people have their vehicle maintained by getting regular oil changes and inspections. This increases the longevity of the vehicle. Furnaces are similar in that with the proper care and maintenance, they will last longer too. Did you know the average cost to replace your furnace is $4,188? However, with regular maintenance, a furnace can last for decades. When an experienced technician inspects your furnace, they can find problems before they become more costly.

Keeping your AC unit in top condition in El Paso is important to maintain an efficient furnace and extend the life of your unit. In addition, a well-maintained heater is one you with which you can feel safe. As winter is drawing near, consider having a professional heating technician check out your AC to be sure it’s in optimal health. At SoBellas Home Services, we have a dedicated staff of trained and experienced technicians who know heating systems. They will provide you with a personalized furnace inspection and answer any questions you may have, as well. Contact us today for more information about furnace repair and refrigerated air conditioning!

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