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We Stand Behind Our Work.                                                                                                                  

5 year warranty

Best warranty in the industry

We offer a 90 day limited satisfaction guarantee on our services. If you are not completely satisfied with our recommended products or services we will happily come back and resolve any issue. If we still can not completely satisfy you, and you allowed us to make every effort to correct the problem. SoBellas will happily remove our recommended equipment and refund the original purchase price less service charges. Let me ask you, who will stand behind their work like that? Whats the risk? We make you happy or we let our competition try. Give us a call.

Choosing repairs or equipment against our professional recommendations does not apply to this guarantee.  Products working as designed per manufacture guides excluded.  Using product other than designed excluded. Finance fees and un-collectible materials and third party labor excluded. Commercial use including in home day care and nursing homes excluded.

Labor and Part Guarantee.

Our limited labor guaranteed is for one year.  Our limited part warranty is 5 years.  See restrictions below.

If for some reason the same problem occurs again up to one year after the paid repair, just call us and we will return and fix it without any additional charge.  Our guarantee applies to residential equipment only and residential use only. Does not include past manufacture warranty repairs.  Join our Customer Care Club and keep your AC running like new.

New equipment installation, conversions or retrofits carry manufacture warranty only plus a 1 year labor warranty from SoBellas unless otherwise noted on invoice.

Residential equipment used in a commercial setting: see commercial equipment below.

Commercial equipment carries a 30 day labor guarantee with a manufacture specific warranty on parts.  Most manufactures warranty parts for 90 days.  This includes in home day care and nursing homes.

After the one year anniversary if a part within the 5 year limited part warranty that was purchased from SoBellas Appliance during a repair fails, you will be responsible for any labor, trip or diagnostic charges.

30 day guarantee.

If a paid repair of an appliance breaks down again during our thirty-day limited warranty period, we will return for free and determine the cause of the problem. If the breakdown has anything to do with the original repair, we will fix it for free! If the machine has another problem, we will treat the repair as if we had diagnosed both problems at the same time and price it accordingly. You pay the same amount had we made the complete diagnosis on the first trip to your house. If the machine is not worth spending any additional money on, we will remove any parts we installed and give you back the original repair cost, less the regular service call charge.

After our 30 day limited warranty there is no warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if involving identical symptoms), or against incidental damages.


Warranty may be canceled at the sole discretion of SoBellas Appliance in the event that any balance due to SoBellas is open after 30 days or if customer’s check is returned by their bank. Automatic cancellation will occur if an account is placed in collections. Customer’s signature on invoice is required for warranties to be valid. Warranty repairs or concession repairs either by the manufacture or SoBellas Appliance llc carry no warranty. Any and All Past due accounts void all warranties even if not related to said repairs.


SoBellas Appliance’s obligation under this limited warranty will expire in the event a part is no longer available from the original manufacturer or able to be rebuilt.


Warranty excludes cosmetic faults, consumables, customer abuse, leak stop, uv filter dryers, freon and customer or manufacture supplied parts. No warranty on water filters, cosmetic parts or non-functional parts, such as but not limited to; glass cook tops, glass, trim, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, shelves, ice bins etc. All parts installed while under manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement, carry no warranty after manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement expires. Concession calls carry no warranty.  Manufacture warranty only on all accessories.  This limited warranty is given only to the original customer and we shall not be liable to third parties, NOR SHALL SoBellas Appliance BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, except for the limited warranty set forth above. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AND WE SPECIFICALLY MAKE NO WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO MERCHANT-ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We do not make any guarantee with respect to any other parts. This warranty applies to labor provided during normal working hours only. Additional charges will apply for other than normal working hours. We assume no liability nor make any guarantee for any loss, including food, business or money caused by a failed part or repair or any delays.

Parts must be purchased from SoBellas Appliance and installed by SoBellas Appliance for any limited warranty to be valid.  Parts purchased outside of SoBellas Appliance have no labor or part warranty.  Trip charges are not waived for consumer or manufacture supplied parts. Warranty void if unauthorized service is performed.  Warranty is valid only if SoBellas Appliance renders repairs. Not responsible if unauthorized servicer or customer replaces warranty parts.  Parts purchased from our online part store carry the manufactures warranty only and returns must be processed through same means. Our online part store is hosted by Marcone Supply.  Marcone and or the manufacture is responsible for all online part sales, returns  and warranties.  See conditions of use from the online store for more information.


This disclosure is from our Customer Care Club flyer.  By signing you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions.  If you choose the monthly payment option, checks and credit card payments will be auto drafted each month at day of initial contract, unless otherwise noted.  If you choose to pay the paid up front option, you must renew each year to keep policy active.  All checks will be converted to ACH draft.  Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 processing fee. Defaulted payments void any further obligation by SoBellas Appliance LLC.  No warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if involving identical symptoms), or against incidental damages.    Warranty follows same format as our 1 year labor warranty.   -Agreement inspects electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not inspect or maintain electrical or plumbing work beyond the units or work required due to the negligence or misuse of the equipment or because of fire, flood, acts of God, sabotage of gas or water supply or damage caused by freezing or circumstances beyond our control.  – Not responsible for system design or performance in maintaining design conditions.  – Any changes, adjustments or repairs made by others, unless authorized or approved by SoBellas Appliance in writing, shall terminate our obligation here under.  – SoBellas will not be required to furnish, without extra cost, any items of material, labor or equipment which are recommended or required by local code regulations, insurance companies, Government, State, Municipal or other authorities.  -SoBellas will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service here under, but it is expressly agreed that SoBellas shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of performance of this agreement.  -*Chemical products will be used in washer & dishwasher -*Dryer cleaning does not include ductwork outside of machine.  -Additional appliances will be charged at time of service at a rate of $10.00 each appliance over 5. -Filters and pads not included. Exceptional labor or parts extra.  -Account must be current and in good standing to use policy or discounts. -Policy can be canceled at any time by either party. If policy is canceled before rolling 12 month period, any services or discounts obtained under said policy must be reimbursed to SoBellas within 15 business days.  You the paying customer authorizes SoBellas to charge back account on file any monies past due from early termination of policy.  -Account will auto renew each year unless cancellation is received in writing. -Labor warranty is for previously paid repairs only. Cosmetics and consumables excluded. Parts must be purchased and installed by SoBellas.  Policy must be current to keep labor warranty active.  -Act of receiving your payment is acceptance of above terms and conditions.— You must allow us access to equipment annually to validate policy- Must purchase at time of repair to warranty same repair….  This maintenance agreement is not a full warranty policy. It only provides maintenance, safety inspections and cleaning.  Any required repairs would be an additional charge with a 15% discount applied.  This policy brings us to your house annually and is designed to keep your equipment running at peak factory specification to allow efficient use and longevity.  By following these Maintenance steps each year we help reduce repairs and increase performance but does not completely eliminate part failure.  Part failure is considered exceptional parts and labor and will be charged to the customer.

Full line of Maintenance Agreements are also available.